couldn't get you out of my head

it was a nightmare-and i couldn't even tell how.
now, for me, every 14th i felt this scared. I'm sorry sorry sorry. i can't stop loving you

Every night I've been sleeping with your teddy, with your voice record. you still my lullaby
but what about tomorrow?
everyone ask me to find the new one. but how? someone please tell me how?
how to forget him how to replace him.
I know I'm stronger and I still keep breathing and please do keep breathing

Please forgive me I can't stop loving you

Everybody's laughing in my mind, Rumors spreading 'bout this other girl,
Do you do what you did when you did with me? Does she love you the way I can?
Did you forget all the plans that you made with me?
'cause baby I didn't!
That should be me Holdin' your hand,
That should be me Makin' you laugh,
That should be me This is so sad,
That should be me, That should be me,
That should be me Feelin' your kiss,
That should be me Buyin' you gifts,
This is so wrong  I can't go on,
Till you believe that That should be me.
You said you needed a little time For my mistakes, It's funny how you used that time To have me replaced,
Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
Whatcha doin' to me, You're takin' her where we used to go,
Now if you're tryin' to break my heart,
It's working 'cause you know
I need to know should I fight For our love for this long
It's getting harder to shield This pain in my heart!!!
I never should've let you go,!
That should be me!! <3

Baby we're alive again and again till the end

Don't know where to start. Tomorrow is my 1st Anniversary with my Mr. LoverBoy.
Yeah, It's been so long and starting from tomorrow is our one year in this loveship and i'd never had been this long before. We must stick and do things that we love together as long as we still alive. I was talking about how blessed i am to be at where i am now and that's the reason why the heartbeat keeps beating. Allah is The Loving.
( this should been posted on 13th of January 2011)


Well, hello April !


pulsing through my veins

  *playback the record of your snoring all night long. Lullaby me baby


1st day

Seems like this Monday huh. I mean two more days to go and I'm turning 15 say whaaaat? and i'm gonna face my huge huge exam this year i mean PMR. Okay I'm really really not that ready and whatever i'm still gonna face it and still i wanna make my lovely parents proud.
tengok atas tu, cantik kan 1.1.11 hhaa

At twelve midnight me and my loverboi is exact 345 days speaking of which is 11 months 2 weeks and 1 day in this loveship. Gosh lama gila. yes, this 14th is our anniversary. So Happy 11 Months Anniversary my lovely busuk. be mine forever kay, love


be nice to me dear new year

Masa berjalan berlari mengejar pantas. Cepatnye mase berlalu pergi kan? Katanye cemburu sangat lah tengok aku bahagia bebas konon. Kembali mengikat aku dengan erat. Begitu cemburu buta akan aku? Jangan lah laju sangaaatt berdetik.
Okayy, Happy new year and please be nice to me because 2010 is not really nice laaa tahu. gurau. So long 2010, a year to remember so 2011, be good and stay pretty and gorgeous to me and i'll stick to what i have and not expecting much. Keep breathing lovass xx


with love

26th & 27th

Happy Birthday my sweety pie.19961226. Dah besar dah kan kau, haha baru nak besar ke. ke membesar kau cuti ni (berat badan) hehehe. Lambat kau nak masuk 14 kan ;p Best kaaann tadi. jalan jalan berpuluh round sampai kaki sakit bengkak kebas semua ade. mesti kau happy gila kan dpt beli semua tu sampai buat aku jealous -,- okaaayyy. lupa nak belanje kan. duit dah habis dulu next time okay darling ;) kita beli flats banyak banyak okay ! i love you forever and always <3


Or should I not


    Should I cut my HAIR

Fienex, should I?

Who you think you talking to - Five O'clock Heroes Ft. Agyness Deyn